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An eye exam is more than just reading letters off an eye chart. It is a complete, comprehensive and detailed examination of your visual ability, vision and eye health.  Hampton Park Optometry provides comprehensive eye exams in Ottawa. You should bring any spectacles or contact lenses you use and a list of current medications. If you regularly wear contact lenses you should wear them to the assessment. Our mission is to provide the best eye care service possible.

Reach out to us for your eye exams in Ottawa. 


A technician will perform a number of intake procedures, including a glaucoma screening test, retinal photography, an auto-refraction and visual acuities, corneal topography and aberrometry (as needed – measuring the contour of your cornea). Most eye exams will require dilation drops to be administered. This may be done before you see the doctor or this may be done at a later time during the exam.


After fine-tuning your history and identifying your complaint, the doctor will measure your sight, assess eye coordination, perform detailed refraction for the best spectacle prescription and thoroughly assess the inner and outer health of your eyes. And best yet everything will be explained to you with an articulate summary of the findings and recommendations for treatment.


Yes, it’s lots of questions, lots of lights, a little eyeball manipulation, some really neat technology and a generally pleasant experience. It does however take time and we suggest you allow an hour for your first visit and budget for the side effects of the drops which are primarily light sensitivity and some near vision blur. If you are worried, bring a driver. We do provide disposable ‘post-drop’ sunglasses. If you have to “be somewhere else in 15 minutes,” we ask that you reschedule to allow us to give you the time your eyes deserve.


Direct billing to your third-party health insurance provider for your eye examination service is not yet available. Payment for services is due upon the date of the service. You can submit your itemized receipt to your insurance carrier for reimbursement. We suggest you check in advance with your carrier to determine what coverage you might have.


Contact our office to schedule your appointment for eye exams in Ottawa. At Hampton Park Optometry, we use only the most advanced diagnostic technology and eye care products available.

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