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Partnering with Optometry:

Changes to legislation in 2011 mean that Ontario optometrists are now able to prescribe oral and topical pharmaceuticals to treat inflammatory red eye (iritis, episcleritis), infections, allergy and glaucoma, giving your patients accessible, qualified care for all their non-surgical ocular needs.

We perform plaquenil monitoring, diabetic retinal assessments, visual field testing, foreign body removal and dilated fundus exams routinely.

We have an extensive network of general and sub-specialized ophthalmologists, allowing us to make timely referrals to secondary and tertiary levels of care.



Ongoing Care

Most eye disease diagnosis and treatments depend on structural and functional “change over time.” For this reason, before initiating a referral to us, we encourage you to ensure your patient does not wish to return to their previous eye doctor. Continuance of care is critical.


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