Accepting Referrals

The office of Dr. Tripp and Dr. Guerrette gladly accepts referrals from family physicians and other allied professionals.

Changes to legislation in 2011 mean that Ontario optometrists are now able to prescribe oral and topical pharmaceuticals to treat inflammatory red eye (iritis, episcleritis), infections, allergy and glaucoma, giving your patients accessible, qualified care for all their non-surgical ocular needs.

We perform plaquenil monitoring, diabetic retinal assessments, visual field testing, foreign body removal and dilated fundus exams routinely.

We have an extensive network of general and sub-specialized ophthalmologists, allowing us to make timely referrals to secondary and tertiary levels of care.

OHIP coverage: Patients under age 20 and over age 65 are covered by OHIP for most of our services. Patients between 20 and 64 years of age are only covered under very specific circumstances.

You may use a MEE (Major Eye Exam) form downloaded from MOHLTC if you wish to refer a patient between age 20 and 65 (under OHIP) if they have a “medical condition” requiring an annual eye exam (not needed for diabetes).

You must accurately complete section two, “explaining why this patient would require a major eye exam service once every 12 months.”

Example: “Pseudoxanthoma elasticum, please monitor retinas” would qualify.

“Blurred vision, please assess” would not qualify.

Retinal photography (which we consider to be a standard of care for diabetic monitoring) is not covered by OHIP and your patients will pay a minor fee.

Ongoing Care

Most eye disease diagnosis and treatments depend on structural and functional “change over time.” For this reason, before initiating a referral to us, we encourage you to ensure your patient does not wish to return to their previous eye doctor. Continuance of care is critical.

Lunch and Learn

Is your clinic interested in an update in a general or specific area of eye care? Dr. Guerrette and Dr. Tripp are happy to offer 20 minutes to two hours and 20 minutes of compelling and entertaining talks on diverse topics in eye care (including “Diabetes and the Eye,” Red Eye Management in a Primary Care Setting,” and “Vascular Disease in the Eye”). You provide the venue, we provide the lunch.

Call our office to book now.

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