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Laser Vision Correction in Ottawa

Laser eye surgery is a powerful technology that can fix most refractive errors (prescriptions) very well, most of the time. It is not however the perfect science that the commercials make it seem (you will sign waivers to that effect).


Laser eye surgery is extremely safe and physical problems such as corneal scarring, corneal bulging or perforation are extremely rare.

There are many things to consider before pursuing laser eye surgery. Here is a list of considerations. Most of these are functional concerns, meaning not can you be lasered, but rather should you be lasered. Your current optometrist who has followed your eyes over the years is best positioned to guide you through your laser eye surgery options.

  • Wait until your prescription is stable:
    • For near-sighted people, typically mid-twenties
    • For far sighted people, much later in life


  • If you are under age 35 and nearsighted, there are few restrictions on pursuing laser surgery
  • If you are over 40 and thinking of laser, attention needs to be paid to future near vision changes. If you frequently read by removing your distance spectacles and you prefer this and certainly if you can only read by removing your eyeglasses or if you use bifocals, laser eye surgery may not be for you
  • Laser surgery can aggravate dry eye discomfort
  • Laser surgery reduces the predictability of cataract surgical outcomes. If you are over 55 and /or developing early cataract, laser may not be for you
  • Look at your prescription, if it is full of “plus” or “double digit” integer numbers, laser surgery may not be the best way to eliminate your eyeglass dependency
  • A warranty for re-treatment is only as good as your anatomy. If your pre-operative prescription was high or if your pre or post-op corneal curvatures are too flat or your corneas are too thin, a touch up procedure may not be possible
  • SBK (sub Bowman’s keratomileusis) also known as Intralase, is rapidly becoming the default laser procedure. It is ‘LASIK’ but with the flap created by a laser, not a surgical knife.
  • “Exclusive procedures” are often just “exclusive names” for the same procedure

Dr. Tripp has been offering pre and post-operative laser eye surgery care for 20 years and has co-managed 100’s of cases with quality local laser centres.


Dr. Tripp looks forward to addressing your laser eye surgery questions as part of the comprehensive exam. (A small consult fee for additional measurements and extended counselling will apply if you are a senior or an OHIP insured patient.)


Contact us to schedule your eye exam at our clinic.

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