Get the Perfect Fit with Specialty Contact Lenses in Ottawa

In addition to specialized fits, Dr. Tripp and Dr. Guerrette offer contact lens fittings for “normal” eyes, including those requiring astigmatism (toric lenses), those for diminishing near vision as you pass age 45 (multifocal or monovision lenses) and lenses for safe and comfortable overnight wear.

The state of art is to be wearing single use contact lenses. Imagine a fresh clean lens every day with no need for a daily maintenance ritual!

If contact lenses were invented today, they would be invented as a single use device. It was only because of high production costs and poor reproducibility 50 years ago that contact lenses were ever kept for “a year or two.”

Single use lenses are now available to suit most eyes and prescriptions and you may be surprised how inexpensive an option this is.

We do dispense re-useable, maintainable lenses that are disposed on biweekly or monthly schedules when appropriate.

For your convenience we are able to direct ship contact lenses to your home or office and we carry lenses from all major North American manufacturers.

Big Box Stores and Internet Purchasing

We naturally hope that you will entrust your long term corneal health and contact lens comfort to us, to allow us to keep you in current technology as new products come to market, to make adjustments as your eye changes or lifestyle needs dictate and to troubleshoot any tolerance or eye health issues that may arise. This is our commitment to you with a lens purchase from us.

If you elect to purchase lenses elsewhere, they (the vendor) bear this same responsibility to you. If you have comfort, vision or product quality issues with your lenses provided by another optical professional or site, call them and ask them to provide you with the care you deserve. If your provider is unable to, we will remain available to you to manage your concerns (consulting fees will apply).

If you have completed an appropriate trial with us or are an adapted wearer of lenses from us we will provide you with your contact lens parameters on request.


I have keratoconus and have been told that I must wear contact lenses or I will need eye surgery to fix it. Is this true?

Keratoconus is one of a group of corneal distortion syndromes causing progressive ‘pointing’ and thinning of the cornea resulting in distorted vision which is ultimately not correctable with eyeglasses. Undiagnosed keratoconus patients go through rapid spectacle prescriptions changes and frequently lose faith in the doctor as “none of my glasses are any good”. It develops in your twenties and likely has done its business by age forty. Fortunately it doesn’t result in corneal grafting surgery as often as is suggested and newer, less invasive surgeries are available to help ‘put the brakes’ on the progression.

Ways to Treat Your Keratoconus

Early keratoconus is managed with eyeglasses until they become ineffective. Specialty soft contact lenses may help but typically hard contact lenses, sometimes on a (piggyback) cushion soft contact lens or hard lenses with a soft skirt or shell (semi scleral) lenses to vault over the distorted cornea are employed.

Pellucid marginal degeneration and post-lasik corneal ectasia (bulging of the surgically thinned cornea) will cause similar concerns. If your condition evolved to requiring a corneal graft, a specialty contact lens design may still be required post-operation.

Dr. Tripp and Guerrette are happy to guide you through your corneal distortion syndrome management with in-depth counselling, measurements of corneal thickness, topography and maximizing your vision and comfort with specialty contact lens designs. Call our office in Ottawa today to learn more.

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