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Eyecare - Patients of our optometrists in Ottawa

Your Family Optometrists in Ottawa

Conveniently located in Hampton Park Plaza for more than 19 years, the office of Dr. R. James Tripp and the supporting team at Hampton Park Optometry offers a full range of comprehensive optometric services. Our many years of clinical experience, in combination with meticulous attention to detail and the application of advanced technologies ensure accurate glasses and contact lenses prescriptions, as well as superior ocular disease detection and management.


Dr. Tripp will partner with you to achieve your vision goals, offering a full range of eye care services, including comprehensive eye examinations, as well as any needed prescriptions for eye glasses or contact lenses; pre- and post-operative laser eye surgery care.

Eye examinations are the first line of defence against ocular disease and vision loss, providing a broad understanding of the state of your eye health and vision, so it is very important to have a comprehensive eye exam performed every one to two years. Without regular eye exams, many eye diseases go undetected because they do not cause notable symptoms until damage has advanced.


Your Vision and Eye Health Is Our Priority

Walk into our state-of-the-art vision care facility for accurate diagnosis and quality treatment. We take pride in keeping ourselves up-to-date with all the latest technologies on various aspects of eye health. From conducting comprehensive eye exams to correcting your visual issues, Hampton Park Optometry focuses on providing dependable personalized care to all patients. 


Our Mission as Optometrists in Ottawa

 Our mission is to ensure the precise function and sustainability of your vision with enthusiasm and dedication that exceed best practices and to instill in you the benefits of ocular care in your life journey of wellness.  




202-1419 Carling Avenue | Ottawa, ON K1Z 7L6 | 613-759-4939

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